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Urban Vault Interviews - DaddysGirls

Urban Vault Interviews - DaddysGirls

Urban Vault caught up with UK urban/hip hop duo DaddysGirls to ask them some questions about their music, inspirations & the industry...

Girl Power is back with an urban twist, thanks to new and unique hip-hop duo DaddysGirls. Made up of North-London-born twins Missi and Melo, DaddysGirls are a refreshing new act to hit the UK. The girls first caused a stir after releasing their first recorded track, 'Friday Night' in 2010. Together with former member and close friend, Mimi Storm, they went on to release their debut mixtape, 'Life Begins With Lyrics', later that year. Often compared to the likes of TLC, Floetry and Foxy Brown, DaddysGirls are a fabulous fusion of naughty and nice. With an organic sound Influenced by nineties hip hop, soul, jungle and drum and base, they stand proud in a league of their own.
What are your names?
We go by the names Missi and Melo.
Melo: I got my name because my lyrics are always quite chilled out and meaningful
Missi: A few people have nicknamed me Miss Melinda in the past, so I just shortened it and ran with it
How old are you?
Shame on you Urban Vault, a lady never tells *wink*
How long have you been making music?
Well we wrote our first show about four years ago, but we really started taking music seriously about two years ago when we wrote our first mixtape 'Life Begins With Lyrics'.
How many songs/albums have you released to date?
We released our first mixtape 'Life Begins With Lyrics' in 2010. We say mixtape but actually we feel it sounds more like an album. It has 12 tracks with interludes. A remix and quite a distinct nineties sound. We experimented with lots of different types of beats from RnB to hip hop and jungle, so there's a little something on there for everyone. Different people have different favourites, which is nice. Our most popular track has got to be Friday night though - most people like that one.
Can you tell us about your new song and the inspirations behind it?
My Kinda Guy is exactly what it says on the tin, a song about our ideal man. We wanted to be totally honest and say the things a lot of ladies think but wouldn't necessarily admit. We don't mind being the ones to speak out for the ladies. It's the first track we've released from our new mixtape chapter2. We've grown up a lot since Life Begins With Lyrics. We have new inspirations and experiences, which is all reflected in the music. We called it Chapter2 because its like the next phase in put career.
How have you ended up in the music industry?
To be honest we kind of entered naively. We wrote Life Begins With Lyrics over a few months, put it out on the Internet then just got involved in any show to promote it. Shoreditch was like our second home because we performed there so much. Lucky for us people liked our sound and we built a small following quite quickly.
What do you think of the music industry in 2011?
2011 has definitely been a year for female rappers! There are so many ladies bringing back the girl power we saw from artists like Foxy Brown and Lil Kim in the nineties. It's a good look! The UK is starting to pay more attention to homegrown talent. Urban acts are finally making it in the charts so it's an exciting time.
Who inspires you when you make your music?
We always start with the beat. If we both agree we like a beat we'll think of a concept then go from there. We try not to think of other artists when we're writing because its so easy to get influenced, but we've been compared to nineties' artists so I guess we're inspired by that era.
Who have you collaborated with so far in your career?
On out last mixtape we collaborated with mostly singers and producers. We have a jungle remix of Friday Night by Stinkhabell and collabos with amazing singers like Dionee Reid and Xei. The new mixtape has some exciting features like Lady Leshuur and Skilaz, so we're excited for people to hear that!
Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
We'd love to collaborate with old school UK artists like D Double E or Ms Dynamite. Those are the artists that first brought our attention to UK music so it would be fun to hook up with them. Labrinth would also be good - he's really talented.
What was the first album you bought?
Missi: I think mine was a Missy Elliot album.
Melo: Janet Jackson - Velvet Rope.
What's your favourite song at the moment?
Missi: Has to be Rihanna - Drink To That. I love the vibe of that song and the lyrics are just real. On a Friday evening that song just feels right.
Melo: Labrinth - Earthquake. It has that fresh London sound that I like.
If you had to sell your music collection tomorrow what album would you leave in you draw?
Missi: TLC - Crazy Sexy Cool would have to stay! That's a classic, it always sounds good.
Melo: I'd say Eminem - Marshall Mathers. That album changed the way I think about rap.
What do you think of TV music talent show competitions?
You can't complete knock them because they give artists a huge platform to showcase their talent, and when you first decide to do music it's hard to know where to start. We think it is up to the artists' to be smart when they enter a show like that. You've got to realize that the producers are more concerned about ratings then your career so you have to take what you need from the experience.
What do you do when you're not making music?
We love to party so we're always checking out new spots. We have a big group of friends who we've know for years so chilling out with them and our fan is fun.
What's your favourite fashion brand?
Missi: I love Alexander Wang.. even though I can't even slightly afford it! One day.
Melo: I don't really follow brands so I don't have one.
Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
Missi: I have 11
Melo: 13 piercings including 3 chest dermals .. You guys might have to Google that!
How many pairs of trainers do you own?
Missi: I only have one pair and they're kinds of old now. I'm not really trainer girl.
Melo: None
How many hats do you own?
Missi: About 3
Melo: Umm about five?
What your favourite takeaway?
Both: Chinese
How many followers do you have on Twitter?
At the exact moment we have 891. We want to reach 1000, you need to help us Urban Vault!
In a few words sum up your words on Urban Vault.
Fresh ta Death!
Thank you for your time and may to carry on making dope, fresh music...

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